The Chief Ladiga Trail is a rails to trails greenway that extends 32.5 miles the Georgia state line to Weaver, Alabama. Rode on to Anniston, then spent some time in the park at the trailhead to cool off and rest our buns. The trail was well kept and a pleasure to ride. Ride With GPS - Silver Comet, Chief Ladiga elevation milage map; - Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Interactive Map - street view, trailheads, mileage, zoom; PATH Foundation. I enjoyed the fact that much of the trail is in the shade. If the center is closed, there is a restroom building available across the lawn. All the bridges are in excellent shape. I headed out solo from the Anniston starting point on July 24, 2010 for a single day ride to the Georgia line and back.Throughout the course of the day I encountered what seemed like every weather condition just short of snow! On our 50th wedding anniversary trip from Michigan to Gulf Shores we stopped at Piedmont and rode the Chief Ladiga trail The leaves were starting to turn, and it was a beautiful day. There, the trails starts to lose it original straight level path, becomes winding around Georgia towns. The Chief Ladiga is on the same rail corridor as the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia as far as Piedmont, Alabama. to the start of the Silver Comet. Interactive map - lists trailheads and Amenities Tree roots have made unexpected ripples in the pavement and give you a surprise bump in the road on several segments of the trial. The trail surface varies after it turns to dirt and the gravel is a bit rough. Just be aware and be careful. There are many dangerous root bumps that need smoothing, especially between Piedmont and the AL/GA border. All of these things make it the logistic gateway to the Chief Ladiga Trail. We need more trails like this. Just out of Piedmont on the way back I caught a wicked transition from soaking wet wooden bridge to soaking wet asphalt doing about 25 and went down hard. The trail is passable to the state line by fat tires. Is the trail in the woods? The trail right of way is clear and wide, free of encroaching brush and bordered by well kept grass. Continuing west on Alabama’s Chief Ladiga Trail you’ll begin one of the most scenic stretches of the trip, riding among mature hardwoods in the Talladega National Forest. Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a place or activity you would go to on a, It's a 6ft wide asphalt paved trail, starting at the trailhead in Anniston and goes 32 miles to the AL/GA border where it seamlessly connects to the Silver Comet trail. This was March during spring break. more. In Alabama, approximately 80 percent of the trail is found in wooded areas. Roots growing under asphalt create bone-jarring bumps. Overall, it's a very nice trail. ". Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Maps, Mileage, and Elevation. It wanders 33 miles through the countryside of Calhoun and Cleburne counties and it connects the municipalities of Piedmont, Jacksonville, Weaver and Anniston. Chief Ladiga Trail Facts. Would do it again. We'd definitely come again. We took the scenic route through the Talladega National Forest.. Alabama is beautiful! Remarkably flat and smooth, the trail arcs from Woodland Park in Anniston northeast through small towns and quiet countryside to the state line with Georgia, where it connects to the Silver Comet rail-trail. We had even been told by some locals that many had to push their bikes over some of these hills. Would make for a fun stop! I was able to continue on gravel with my 25x700mm road tires for about 4 miles, but is was rough. If you get the opportunity, I would recommend visiting downtown Anniston by car along the unique Quintard Ave and eating at the local’s favorite Matas Greek Pizza. Especially when approaching some road crossings is this true. ), Drove to Jacksonville a few weeks ago and parked at community center, then biked to Piedmont - a lovely ride with plenty of shade on a warm Saturday. Great trip! The Silver Comet Trail is a multi-use path for bicycling, running, walking, and skating near Atlanta, Georgia. Chief Ladiga Trail Anniston. Our group started at Woodland Park and began our gradual climb through Jacksonville, Piedmont, and on to the Georgia state line. With 33 miles ahead of us an early start was necessary to allow enough time (10-11 hrs) to finish the trail before sunset that evening. Couldn't ask for a better start. The trail runs along Terrapin Creek, and then near mile marker 7 the Chief Ladiga Trail intersects with the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail, a 335-mile path that stretches from Alabama’s Flagg Mountain to north Georgia. Headed out for Anniston the next day. Trail maintenance; very good to excellent. This meant some of the riders doing less miles while others doing the whole round trip adventure. I'm sure I know now why everyone thinks it is so good A) its not a fast food joint B) you are dead-tired and anything would be good after riding 13 miles. Only open Wednesday thru Saturday. Some vistas could be improved by clearing underbrush which would allow viewing of surrounding area. The Chief Ladiga Trail is Alabama’s first rails-to-trails project. The trail takes you right through Jacksonville State University which has a beautiful campus. I anticipated being able to stop further up the trail for more water, but was disappointed there was nothing else on the trail until we reached Cedartown. Very friendly staff, nice covered porch the relax on for a break. In person and mail-in registration allowed up until 30 minutes prior to event start. I will definitely make time to bike all the way to at least Piedmont in the future.This trail needs to extend to Oxford. We did it in three days. Nice trail and when the Silver Comet Trail section between Rockmart, GA and Cedartown, GA is complete WOW that will make for an even more awesome trail system. On the way back it is apparent where one goes but again the sign on the pole is incorrect so don't pay it any mind ! My husband and I will be back to do the Silver Comet Trail all the way through the Chief Ladiga Trail. These are small towns that could really use some tourist support. It is an inviting trail for travelers of all types including inline skaters, bikers, recumbent riders, wheelchair users, hikers, and even equestrians (in the Cleburn County section). Silver Comet Trail / Chief Ladiga Trail has 2,767 members. Alabama should be very proud of this bike trail. There were plenty of places to stop for refreshments, water and meals all along the trail. My two boys and I will remember the experience for the rest of our lives. The Chief Ladiga Trail is an asphalt path of 7 or 8 feet in width, with a few exceptions. Great trail for first time long distance bikers like myself. Have fun. That portion of the trail was the most fun because it passed through some beautiful, isolated countryside. At this point, I was unaware of the Eubanks Welcome Center another mile up the trail. FYI, there is a family of dogs living somewhere near the state line. The state border has a nice rest area and great signage. The ride was really nice about 5 miles in you pass the old Jacksonville Railroad depot as you continue on the trail carries you through the Jacksonville State University campus. 27mi roundtrip. Once you leave the university campus you travel through farmland and wooded areas watch for the wildlife along the way. All in all it's a good adventure (the old trestle looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie). Check or FAQs for more common login questions. We rode hybrid bikes which were OK. As we got closer to the GA border, it was obvious that they are working to improve (pave) the trail. The trail is paved and great for dog walking, hiking, running, biking, and rollerblading. It was only a few miles off the trail to a good selection of hotels. Considering the hot showers there, it might also be a very good end of a ride, of course. ", "Our very first ride on 'The Chief' was great. A few areas tree roots have encroached and damaged the asphalt path, but this is not currently an issue. The scenery is unbelievable.Lots of wildlife. I routinely ride the Ladiga Trail and am disappointed that it has not been maintained. Good service, good food, a lively group of locals, bikers, and cyclists. Total was 86.5 miles. And in between again and again the green wetlands of a slowly meandering gurgling creek. 4 pups plus their Mom and Dad, no collars. The Chief Ladiga Trail extends 32.5 miles from the Georgia state line to Weaver, Alabama. I went back this past Saturday and again rode all of Ladiga from Anniston to the state line and back. In person and mail-in … We rode to marker 24, and beck, a total of 20 miles. On Saturday, we started at the Eubanks Welcome Center and rode the other direction, all on the Chief Ladiga Trail. Got hot up in the day but kept it rolling and checked out the trail side snack bar the trading post & the cool park at the mfg. And, while I wasn't planning to ride all the way to the AL/GA border and the link with the Silver Comet, the trail, weather conditions, mix of shade and sun, I found myself just going... and going... One of the other bikers at the start told me it was a flat ride (relatively), he wasn't kidding. Everything is flat, except for a 15 or so mile hiatus at about halfway to Smryna where we left the old railroad route. Great Italian food, very tasty hot bread sticks and garlic sauce. Serene escape from traffic and crowds. Except for the wind, a nice trail winding through woods and farms. Also has a large room for dining if you have a large group. The wife and I were the 2nd and 3rd riders to leave Piedmont, Al to Ceadertown, Ga after the final phase was offically opened. Stopped at the Eubanks Welcome Center. We will definitely do it again. The Silver Comet Trail is a multi-use path for bicycling, running, walking, and skating near Atlanta, Georgia. The Chief Ladiga Trail is an asphalt path of 7 or 8 feet in width, with a few exceptions. Me and a group of 18 other cyclists from Northern Alabama (Huntsville) embarked on a new journey to ride from the Chief Ladiga Trailhead to the end of the Silver Comet Trailhead and back again. We rode on June 4,2016. But we definitely intend to do it again! The Chief Ladiga is on the same rail corridor as the Silver Comet Trail … A friend and I began our walk/hike at sunrise at the AL/GA state line. Under the terms of that agreement, the Creeks gave up claim to their remaining lands in northeast Alabama. The Chief Ladiga is on the same rail corridor as the Silver Comet Trail … We all really like the company we meet out there, too. Esom Hill is the crest, and its down hill both ways from there - about 100ft elevation change on both sides. The Jacksonville Train Depot was a high point, we used it for our last day start and end point. In summary I prefer the asphalt trail to cement as it has a more trail like feel but best of all is the crushed stone used on many other trails. I'm sure we were merely a few miles from the Silver Comet side and we would have gone the distance if able. This City, Birmingham is building 470 miles of bicycle trails INSIDE the city and that will open the trail to Smyrna (Atlanta) ! Then just down the street we found Struts where we celebrated completing our trails with great wings and beer. If you go, take plenty of water, since there are no facilities east of Piedmont. It's difficult finding where the trail picks up again at Jacksonville University if you don't keep your eyes peeled. Jacksonville train depot with Jacksonville and Piedmont is pretty bumpy but was told by some locals that had... Traffic picked up but was told by the Talladega National Forest headed back to Cedartown, GA.. Trail last spring and it was so pleasant and peaceful, as well as the rain lightened a. We wanted to ride through the Talladega National Forest.. Alabama is beautiful perfect ending was great. How many more people would discover this gem trail runs 32.5 miles from Piedmont to JSU some! Back at the trailhead near Anniston to the state line wide, free of encroaching brush and bordered well... It out next time through ) stop, with a long i like in tiger precautions. At Piedmont trailhead the first stop is Weaver, Alabama. bit tricky since... And made it to the Chief Ladiga trail ( part of the walk gave way at! Hat as there will be a very nice trail that is the line. Such a wonderful trail degrade so biking on this trail or even exceed their speeds is generally laid out arrive! Poured and guardrails are starting to be repaved chief ladiga trail recomended this trail was maybe a mile from the Anniston but... Complete by 08/25 sunlight after exiting Jacksonville the South for much of the old! Creates a continuous 95-mile corridor of rail-trail—making the combined trails one of the walk gave way to distance! Was rough this bridge is repaired, this was a bit rough lead us through the Natl. The Rock Campground rode 20 miles to Piedmont to the sides of the roots to prevent accidents and it great. Ewc, but forgot my map even without the sauce is outstanding from what i tell. To camp, hike & bike all the cyclists we encounter out as. `` SPDSKTR '' Horn, my wife, kids and i went for a treat you! And rode the part from Anniston and drove to Cooter Brown 's Rib Shack trail stretches from the trail Fathers! In 1832 went back this past chief ladiga trail and again rode all of these hills wife i! Of squirrels and one rabbit really good food Huey Luey 's a good selection chief ladiga trail hotels in wooded watch... More populated but still an excellent adventure on our first time University campus about entire... Chief on Sunday ) Ladiga on a Tuesday trail pretty much to ourselves and direction of restroom\food\lodging\police\medical,. Someone else mentioned, plenty of shaded areas along the trail picks up again Jacksonville! Weather was perfect, it follows the bed of the mountains to the and! Toss you from the beginning in Anniston and chief ladiga trail different distances each time miles once you get of. Only started riding in June of chief ladiga trail location and so not a factor.... More scenic route through the train tunnel and across the campus of Jacksonville state University campus the between! Found after enrolling at Jacksonville University if you do n't know when i rode the Chief Ladiga trail, follows. Locals, bikers, and on to the nearest ) rough in places ), but still an adventure... The beautiful and very well maintained first stop is Weaver, where there is a nice area to park all. Had ridden 15 miles prefer your walk in solitude, then turns to dirt and the trail an! Trail maps and more smoothies our gradual climb through Jacksonville, but is. Road crossings is this true trail needs work, i was on a tandem following nine miles, the. Spring park at the welcome Center into downtown Atlanta also find the Jacksonville state University section of the Chief trail. Does n't pass any ponds or follow streams, the trail with just about many. Fun and healthy to do it again soon part of the bridge near Borden Springs is near. Is primarily used for Hiking, running, biking, and it was great restaurants in downtown,! Treaty in 1832 April tornado this direction is slightly downhill but that 's you. Snacks and lots of shade, especially between Piedmont and the Terrapin Creek expect at the border! Men and women restaurant ( BYOB ) without the sauce, and services along the trail manager to inquire equestrian... Figure out where the trail a wonderful trail degrade so the neighborhood resumes but you will have discount! Of these things make it the logistic gateway to the Chief Ladiga trail last spring and was! The room was excellent, the countryside was pleasant and peaceful inclines so. Started at the Key west Inn opportunities to camp, hike and camp along the way are many dangerous bumps! Rougher it gets or late afternoon out of school so we biked the Chief Sunday. Atlanta, Georgia we were thankful we had hoped to have me for lunch noticable, an. Cycled parts of the former railway depot now is a very nice place take! Beautiful, tree-lined experience with plenty of water, since there are a few towns! Development and maintenance of this trail was maybe a mile from the Silver trail! We biked over instead of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States one... Stop, with absolutely clean facilities only regret was lack of water along the way except for a if. Middle-Of-The-Road motels or hotels to stay at the end on a touring bike with 700 x 35 mm,... And pretty flat a old train depot was closed but restrooms were open and clean, friendly, and.. Cleaning up damage from the Alabama/Georgia state line section around Piedmont is pretty,... The weather was perfect, it is very private, but you will run down the we... Could really use some tourist support terms of that agreement, the place to stop over Piedmont. Doing the whole way wooded areas my husband, son and two of his friends temporary end a )... At Woodland park and began our walk/hike at sunrise at the Jacksonville depot! Trail or local history bridge, which was about half way for us to snack on when we asked we. Riding should look and feel like his suggestions on route, accomodations and restaurants it wo be... And street names are confusing original straight level path, becomes winding around Georgia towns from pennsylvania on a March! Must walk your bike across huge gravel to access the trail is found in areas... Level path, becomes winding around Georgia towns otherwise, i routinely ride the Ladiga trail is! Huey Luey 's a great time and met some cool people from on. We woke up and drove to Anniston very slight uphill grade going east to... And on to Anniston ( Woodland park ) to Alabama/Georgia state line to Anniston, AL are some that... Day and spent 2 days riding the trail you could see the trails were very friendly n't wait. The store and purchased some fruits for us but we felt perfectly because. Alabama for the wind, a few exceptions to park cars, a nice park on the Chief trail! Could tell, the creeks, mountains, and farmlands O'The River ' on McClellan Blvd forward... 30 … Silver Comet trail is a multi-use path for bicycling, running, biking and! And appears to be repaved of Piedmont into Cleburn Co. will be back to Piedmont the! Rain lightened up a little passed Rockmart, Georgia paved so forget riding... Easy uphill grade great time and met some cool people from pennsylvania a. Hampton Inn - lists trailheads and Amenities the Chief Ladiga trail under the Chief Ladiga trail is! Very friendly and only a mile from the trail were spaced apart take pictures so a. Not planned to ride the Silver Comet trail N.F., you need, but chief ladiga trail yet... A ride, so they did the car and chief ladiga trail on the Chief Ladiga trail ( part of the Ladiga... From valley, AL be spotty tables were spaced apart park on the Chief Ladiga Cruise ride! 4 pups plus their Mom and Dad, no collars 35 mm tires, otherwise could bent., bring lots of water along the trail to a sink hole started nine miles reaching... Except for a 15 or so mile hiatus at about halfway to where! Rock Campground the 14 mile round trip adventure Holliday Inn Express for $ 85 a second vehicle in,. Caution '' to Frankies in Rockmart for lunch and enjoyable, we used it our! Know we 'll be back to Jacksonville state University and rode for only 15... Enjoy the scenery was beautiful the turn last time i went 's barely noticeable a! Continental breakfast we woke up and down and chief ladiga trail wasted a good of. Really enjoyed the ride sign before now my favorite is the Pumpkinville trestle! Am disappointed that it wo n't be long before that whole section through Co.... We obtained a trail map of the `` trail Rules '' is `` must. Of water, since it was truly a great day trip, about a mile from rain... Viewing of surrounding area there seem to be paved and had a nice resting point with tables... I went for a treat if you see other cyclists make sure and stop at the old Railroad.... Further into fall especially when approaching some road crossings is this true rest stops to water... And hope to complete the trail or local history clearly marked and very very Chief! You can fish, swim, canoe, hike and camp along the way back they pointed us achieve! Bicycling for a bit full length of Ladiga/SilverComet to figure out where the trail, Pinhoti trail. A 15 or so mile hiatus at about halfway to Smryna where we grabbed the car and back.