It’s an unusual event that has left many experts scratching their heads, but radar data could offer clues as to exactly what transpired. Use the telephone only for emergency calls. If in a vehicle, trailer or mobile home, get out immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy, nearby building or storm shelter. At least 16 tornadoes have been confirmed across South Carolina alone, a number that could grow as National Weather Service survey teams continue to inspect damage. SUBSCRIBE NOW $1 for 3 months. If unable to get indoors, lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands. The storm’s lone area of rotation will produce a tornado, and that twister will eventually weaken and curve to the left before a new tornado touches down to the right. In cyclic supercells, which exhibit the tornado trade-off discussed, it’s the dying funnel that makes the left turn. Tornado Information for South Carolina. The strongest twister was an EF-4 tornado that devastated southeastern Mississippi with winds as fast as 170 mph. By 5:52 a.m., they were less than a mile apart as they struck Springfield, S.C. At that time, something unusual was happening. 1 tracked 30.19 miles from the Savannah River Site to northeast of Springfield and was rated an EF3. There will continued to be a threat for a few short-lived tornadoes as Sally continues to push into the state. There were 88 damaging storm reports in five states including Mississippi and South Carolina. This could have choked out tornado No. According to the NWS, tornado No. At 5:56 a.m., the National Weather Service issued a new tornado warning, stating “several tornadoes possible.”. He said that, while it’s impossible to confirm whether the tornadoes’ circulations merged without a detailed computer modeling study, there is evidence to support the idea that the twin funnels got extremely close to one another before some sort of interaction occurred. Website by, Local Emergency Planning Committee Handbook, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Reporting in South Carolina, South Carolina Operational Radiological Emergency Response Plan. There may even have been a third vortex that briefly touched down near the “W” in Williston on the map below, but the National Weather Service has yet to confirm that. South Carolina ranks twenty-sixth in the United States in the number of tornado strikes, and eighteenth in the number of tornadoes per square mile. The second tornado hit near the town of Elko at 5:45 a.m. 2’s track was initially listed as beginning near Elko, S.C., at 5:46 a.m. — but that’s unlikely to be the true beginning of the twister’s rampage, since radar revealed it had continuously lofted debris in the air beginning five miles or so to the southwest, beginning at 5:35 a.m. 2, there may still have been a merger of their areas of circulation. The first tornado never curved to the left; in fact, it was drawn to the right, as a result of its interaction with the other tornado. Listen to local officials for updates and instructions before reentry to an affected area. Most People Don’t Know About North Carolina’s Deadly Tornado Alley When most people think of tornado activity in the U.S., the Tornado Alley sweeping through the Great Plains comes to mind. If there is no basement, go to the center of an interior room on the lowest level (closet, interior hallway) away from corners, windows, doors and outside walls. 1 was lagging behind. It was part of the same tornado outbreak that left 34 dead and spawned at least 105 tornadoes from the South to the Mid-Atlantic on Sunday and Monday. But Monday morning’s episode in South Carolina wasn’t a tornado family, and wasn’t from a supercell but rather two different areas of spin embedded within a squall line. Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or to commercial radio or television newscasts for the latest information. Spartanburg, South Carolina — A powerful and deadly storm system is leaving a path of destruction from the Florida Panhandle to Virginia. The most significant tornado that occurred on April 13 was a violent, 3 ⁄ 4 -mile-wide (1.2 km) EF4 tornado in Hampton County, South Carolina that destroyed many homes and took the lives of five people near Estill and … The “Fujiwhara Effect” was underway, a process by which two vortexes in close proximity orbit a common center until the weaker becomes absorbed into the dominant vortex’s circulation. Four of the tornadoes in South Carolina reached EF3 status on the 0 to 5 scale for twister intensity, with winds topping 136 mph. At 5:24 a.m., the circulation was midway between Jackson and Barnwell. Officials with the National Weather Service reported that there were multiple EF2 tornadoes, which are tornadoes with wind speeds of 111 to 135 miles per hour, or greater move across South Carolina from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. Tornado No. Instead, leave the vehicle immediately for safe shelter. The two confirmed tornadoes continued east. That could have strengthened the second tornado and may explain the sharp curve in its path as well. Emergency Management Accreditation Program. But two of the EF3 tornadoes did something nobody was expecting and few have observed before: They combined, with one strong twister essentially getting absorbed by the other’s circulation. But this time around, tornado No. A stunning example of two powerful tornadoes merging occurred in Pilger, Neb., on June 16, 2014 — and was broadcast live on the Weather Channel. But Doppler radar served its role as a sentry, peering into storms at all hours. Never try to outrun a tornado in your vehicle. 2] just to the east.”. Be the first to submit a comment, photo, or video below. Jack F. Harvill, 77, of Walhalla, South Carolina, was killed about 3:30 a.m. in Seneca, about 35 miles west of Greenville, when a tornado struck the BorgWarner auto parts manufacturing plant where Harvill worked as a security guard, the Greenvill… In Hampton County, tornadoes tore through a quiet South Carolina community, killing five, most of whom were from the same family. If you are paranoid about tornadoes, buy a house in as hilly an area as possible, on the northeast face of a slope. There could be more confirmed tornadoes from Monday's storms. A fire was ignited by downed power lines during severe storms in South Carolina Wednesday night. At 5:35 a.m., a second tornadic debris signature appeared on radar beneath the second circulation. In either case, that tornado was also rated an EF3. “It looks like [this outbreak] is going to have the most significant tornadoes for us since 1984,” explained Frank Alsheimer, science and operations officer at the National Weather Service office in Columbia, S.C. “Looking at the ... setup, the [parameters] were the top of tornado situations around here. At one point, four tornado debris signatures, indicating tornado damage lifted into the air, lined up along a 20-mile stretch of storms, illustrating four simultaneous twisters. Contact your county emergency manager or a debris removal company to find the best waste management options available. Therefore, it may be an event scientists study for years.